Preview our live show so you can better understand what makes us happy to play for you!

Without fans, we might as well stay home! 

We know we wouldn't have much fun if it wasn't for every single one of you that come out to hear us, say hi and have a great time with us.

We thank you all!

We could not resist showing the rest of our fans this artist's rendition of us created by our great friend - Jason Rudd.  Thanks again, Jason!

Dave - Lead Vocals & Bass

With his vocal strength and bass playing agility, Dave is leading the movement to deliver the driving force of File 13!

File 13 and our Fans

The premier Alternative Rock and Dance Music Band

The Players

John - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Right handed guitar upside down or lefty guitar restrung, John has mastered his own style of playing that adds a distinguished texture to the File 13 wall of sound!

Sound and Lights

From our sound person to our equipment crew, we pride ourselves in hiring the most professional assistance in the local music industry.  All hired staff is aware of our commitment to musical excellence and appearance.  Everyone working together to achieve the same goal... your musical enjoyment.

In Your Eyes

File 13 by Jason Rudd

File 13 Staff

Tony - Percussion & Vocals

With his attention to detail in all aspects of the percussion arena, Tony is the final piece that completes the File 13 musical orchestration!

Ed - Keyboard, Guitar & Vocals

Backed with an ear for digital sampling and synthesis design, Ed is ready to stimulate your aural senses to the ground!

The Live Show

Where Our Videos Live